What is Northstar Steampunk Summercamp?

Building on the success of Northstar Rising, we are returning! More activity packages over 2 days, loads of drop-in activities, art and craft workshops, music workshops, lectures and talks, costuming workshops, steampunk cinema, plus all the things you'd expect of a steampunk event - trading, silliness, and two nights full of music! Plus, as always, you can stay on site...basically we're bringing the best parts of Northstar Rising to the fore, and making them the focus of the event, so that we end up with a truly unique steampunk experience that you won't find anywhere else 

We'll be adding a line-up, additional optional events, and up-to-date prices over the next few months - but to get the ball rolling we're offering limited Northstar Founder tickets - they will be the same price as this year's tickets, and purchasers will be rewarded with an actual medal presented at Northstar 2019. If you aren't able to commit but would still like to contribute, and nab a medal, there is a donate option too!

Weekend Ticket  £40

Camping +£10

Tent Village (sleeps 4) +£50

Camper/Caravan +£20

Dormitory +£50

(donations over £10 receive

a Northstar Founder Medal)

In the event of Northstar not running for any reason, full refunds will be given


Style for a Bygone Future

Impossible Gears

Steampunk Summercamp
July 5th-7th 2019

Central North of England Venue to be confirmed in January