Style for a Bygone Future

** Responsibilities, Reflections, Refunds and The Future **

This has been a very difficult few days. I worked solidly for over 8 months on the planning and promotion of Airship Northstar 2, having all that come to nothing due to something out of my control has been devastating. The decision to cancel the event on Thursday was not only the only one available to me, but also the correct one – when it comes to choosing between potentially losing a business, or potentially putting people, equipment, or venues at risk, you owe it to everyone to take the hit yourself. Ultimately that is the responsibility of any event organiser. The weather, which had been forecast to be cloudy and rainy, ultimately improved over Saturday and Sunday, but not enough to have made the site usable, and holding off the cancellation for 24 hours just to see what happened would have meant risking cancelling mere hours before the due start time – this would obviously have been a bad decision as almost everyone would have been travelling by then.

After announcing the cancellation I pretty much broke down and wanted nothing more than to isolate myself entirely from friends, family, and the steampunk community I love – the steampunk community had other ideas and a number of performers and 'punks got in touch to ask if I could possibly organise something for the next night (Friday) since there were people and bands already close by. I managed to get a venue at short notice (Auction House Berwick), and with the help of Ben and Tia , The Pastures, Montague Jacques Fromage, Feline & Strange, The Wattingers, Pip, and Duncan we put on a show. Thank you to all who attended. I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold myself together through the night, and did struggle numerous times, but thanks to the overwhelming positivity of those present I managed to not just sit down and cry. I started the night absolutely beaten and ready to give up entirely after the refunds were given – but for some reason, people won't let me quit...god knows I don't want to, I've never been proud of anything I've done in my life, but I've been proud of my events. I think I've made people happy, at least that has always been my main intention. I will endeavour to keep Impossible Gears alive, though it's going to be a hard fight to do so. My friends and family have confidence in me when mine is lacking, I don't know if they're mad, misguided, or genuinely see something in me that I don't – I don't think it matters which it is really, if I can do something that repays that confidence with joy, then that's what I'll do. Always.

I will be sorting out refunds starting Monday – it will take a while and I ask you to be patient as there is a huge amount of paperwork to go through and many people to contact. Bear with me, please. Some ticketholders have made it known that they don't want a refund, but I'm sorry - I can't in good conscience do that...what I can do is offer you credit for any future events to the value of your ticket price. I have created an email address specifically for the refunding of Northstar tickets, it is:

Can all ticketholders and traders please message that address with your name, company name (for traders), ticket type/quantity, and date of purchase, so I can organise refunds as smoothly as possible. If you want a full refund, then title your message 'REFUND'; if you want to have future credit for events, title your message 'CREDIT', if you want a half refund and half credit, then title your message 'PARTIAL'

I am going to do everything in my power to continue Impossible Gears – the last few days have been the worst I've ever had to face, but the genuine love and support I've felt from others has made me feel like it's something worth saving, worth fighting for. I'm going to get these gears back up to speed, whatever it takes.


Professor Elemental, Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer,  Cage of Crows (Little Red Dog), 

Driven Serious, Victor and The Bully, The Dark Design, 

Montague Jacques Fromage, Jezebel Steele, Mishkin Fitzgerald (Birdeatsbaby), Tom Slatter,  BB Blackdog (with full line-up), Daniel Malheur (Heaven & Hell Orchestra),

Paul Snook and the Retro Clones, The Pastures, Feline & Strange, The Yuma Territorial Prison Band, Trixie Blue, Ramble Gamble, and The Wattingers

7th - 9th July 2017

Ford and Etal Estate, Northumberland

What is Airship Northstar?

A second full weekend celebration of steampunk in the incredible and unique Ford and Etal Estate in beautiful Northumberland from the 7th to the 9th of July 2017 - amazing music, massive steampunk and alternative market, food, drink, laughter, jetpack racing, tea dueling, Bartitsu (the Victorian martial art), mesmerism, camping (for those that do) and general merriment of many sorts - plus a number of attractions and activities unique to the Estate

We're expecting steampunks from all over the UK and beyond! We're the most Northerly steampunk festival in Britain, but easy to get to due to the nearby mainline station at Berwick-upon-Tweed, and easy access by road

The Ford and Etal Estate is made up of distinct locations, Ford Village, Etal Village and Heatherslaw, all nestled in the valley of the river Till, and all within easy walking distance. The villages are a steampunk paradise with tea shops, traditional pubs, arts and crafts and antique shops. As well as being spectacularly pretty, the area boasts good fishing, beautiful landscapes, giant horses, working watermill. and little steam trains. There is ample cheap camping on site, as well as a mix of B&B, Guest Houses and Hotels in the immediate and wider area

Come and join us, it's going to be spectacular!

Keep up to date with what's going on at our Facebook page!

​Tickets bought this week (3rd-6th July) are to be collected at Airship Northstar - please bring a copy of your PayPal receipt

Tickets (inclues all music on all days)

Adult Full Weekend Ticket                                                         £50              

Adult Full Weekend Ticket with Camping                                  £60              

Child Full Weekend Ticket (age 10-16)                                     £25                       

Child Full Weekend Ticket with Camping (age 10-16)               £35              

Day Tickets (for the daily line-up, check out the Facebook Event Page)

Friday Day Ticket Adult        £25                                                               Friday Day Ticket Child (age 10-16)       £10

Saturday Day Ticket Adult   £30                                                                Saturday Day Ticket Child (age 10-16)   £15

Sunday Day Ticket Adult      £20                                                               Sunday Day Ticket Child (age 10-16)     £5

Under 10s free, must be accompanied by a (reasonably) responsible adult. Day tickets permit entry on either Friday 4-midnight, Saturday 11am till midnight or Sunday 11am till 5pm. Day tickets cannot include camping

Trading Pitches

Contact Impossible gears using the 'contact the impossible' form or through facebook before booking, to check availability and suitability

Pitches include an (approx) 6' table and 2 chairs for yourself and one assistant. Traders are expected to stay for the entire weekend without prior arrangement with Impossible Gears. Camping on site in the trading field is free for traders if they choose to do so. 

Trading Pitch (single)                                                               £60

Trading Pitch (double)                                                             £100

Impossible Gears