Impossible Gears was founded in 2011 to provide Steampunk creations to 'punks with a restricted budget - we coined the phrase 'Skintpunk'. We strive to provide unique items at a competitive price while ensuring all our creations are hand made well. In 2012 Impossible Gears led to Impossible Events and Impossible Games, two new branches of the business aiming to take the Skintpunk ideology into events planning and game manufacture   

Need Something Specific? 

Impossible gears can make most things to order, including jewellery, props and specific items of clothing for both men and women - please contact us if you have anything unique in mind

Impossible Gears

What is Steampunk? 

Steampunk is a design aesthetic rooted in Victorian Science Fiction. Steampunk items are characterised by a high level of craftsmanship and imaginative use of traditional materials combined with unusual additions such as clockwork mechanisms

Style for a Bygone Future
What is Impossible Gears?